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We are a theatrical performance company, where visions become reality through stage,film, and publishing. Co-founder Shaun Powell wrote, directed and produced their first stage play in November 2017, giving birth to one of her life long visions. Powellful Productions goal is to create an atmosphere that will allow the art in everyone to be released.  

Mrs. Shaun Powell wrote, directed and produced the hit stage play "The Wrong Man" to a sold out audience at the Ritz Theatre Jacksonville in 2017, making her the first woman to sell out an original stage play at the Ritz Theatre. She received rave reviews on the actors, the message and the overall professionalism of the play. The play were a cast of local artist from Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Stage plays are a very important part of the performing arts business and Mrs. Powell is making sure it remains relevant.

The Wrong Man

 The Wrong Man is about deceit, betrayal,  loyalty, and redemption. The play is based around the married couple of  Jamie & Sheila Johnson. Jamie is persistent on finding out why his wife, Sheila is spending a lot of time away from home.  He converts back to the one thing he knows best and it isn't prayer. He not only finds the answer but a life changing experience with the wrong man.

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