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The Vision


Some people say I'm a visionary while others think I have a vivid imagination. You walk through the double doors of Powellful Productions Studios Jax and notice the shine from the recently waxed floors. The fresh new paint quickly catches your eyes because it's your favorite color. You walk down the hall passing the casting and administration offices, where anyone can register to be a part of all the wonderful experiences that will take place at Powellful Productions Studio Jax. As you're walking you see the acting, script writing, and choreography rooms. Adjacent to the right you peek into the wardrobe room. You see various vibrate colors of beautiful costumes. A young man has the biggest and brightest smile on his face as he admires his look in the mirror. You close the door slowly and continue to explore. You decide to take a left at the end of the hall. There's a big sign that says "Now Playing". Your curiosity has gotten the best of you at this point, so you walk in. You see a room with padded seats, carpeted floors and a huge stage. There seems to be a rehearsal or somewhat going on. You attempt to back out gracefully without being seen but you are noticed by one of the individuals on stage. She approaches you with a smile and says, " Welcome to Powellful Productions Studios Jax, how may I help you"? You begin to ask her about the things you saw on your journey. She takes you pass all of the rooms explaining in detail the reason for each one. She continues to tell you about the prior obstacles they faced with finding a facility to rehearse for their performances. You are impressed that they now have a place where adults and children can be taught the performing arts and display their works on their home stage. Now, you can be a part of making this a reality by donating to the vision.